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 Unit   Procedure   Summary
 SysUtils   Abort   Aborts the current processing with a silent exception
 System   Append   Open a text file to allow appending of text to the end
 SysUtils   AppendStr   Concatenate one string onto the end of another
 System   Assign   Assigns a file handle to a binary or text file
 System   AssignFile   Assigns a file handle to a binary or text file
 Printers   AssignPrn   Treats the printer as a text file - an easy way of printing text
 SysUtils   Beep   Make a beep sound
 System   BlockRead   Reads a block of data records from an untyped binary file
 System   BlockWrite   Writes a block of data records to an untyped binary file
 System   Break   Forces a jump out of a single loop
 System   ChDir   Change the working drive plus path for a specified drive
 System   Close   Closes an open file
 System   CloseFile   Closes an open file
 System   Continue   Forces a jump to the next iteration of a loop
 SysUtils   DateTimeToString   Rich formatting of a TDateTime variable into a string
 System   Dec   Decrement an ordinal variable
 SysUtils   DecodeDate   Extracts the year, month, day values from a TDateTime var.
 DateUtils   DecodeDateTime   Breaks a TDateTime variable into its date/time parts
 SysUtils   DecodeTime   Break a TDateTime value into individual time values
 System   Delete   Delete a section of characters from a string
 System   Dispose   Dispose of storage used by a pointer type variable
 System   EndThread   Terminates a thread with an exit code
 System   Erase   Erase a file
 System   Exclude   Exclude a value in a set variable
 System   Exit   Exit abruptly from a function or procedure
 System   FillChar   Fills out a section of storage with a fill character or byte value
 System   Flush   Flushes buffered text file data to the file
 SysUtils   FreeAndNil   Free memory for an object and set it to nil
 System   FreeMem   Free memory storage used by a variable
 System   GetDir   Get the default directory (drive plus path) for a specified drive
 SysUtils   GetLocaleFormatSettings   Gets locale values for thread-safe functions
 System   Halt   Terminates the program with an optional dialog
 System   Inc   Increment an ordinal variable
 System   Include   Include a value in a set variable
 System   Insert   Insert a string into another string
 System   MkDir   Make a directory
 System   Move   Copy bytes of data from a source to a destination
 System   New   Create a new pointer type variable
 FileCtrl   ProcessPath   Split a drive/path/filename string into its constituent parts
 System   Randomize   Reposition the Random number generator next value
 System   Read   Read data from a binary or text file
 System   ReadLn   Read a complete line of data from a text file
 System   ReallocMem   Reallocate an existing block of storage
 System   Rename   Rename a file
 SysUtils   ReplaceDate   Change only the date part of a TDateTime variable
 SysUtils   ReplaceTime   Change only the time part of a TDateTime variable
 System   Reset   Open a text file for reading, or binary file for read/write
 System   ReWrite   Open a text or binary file for write access
 System   RmDir   Remove a directory
 System   RunError   Terminates the program with an error dialog
 System   Seek   Move the pointer in a binary file to a new record position
 System   SetLength   Changes the size of a string, or the size(s) of an array
 System   SetString   Copies characters from a buffer into a string
 Dialogs   ShowMessage   Display a string in a simple dialog with an OK button
 Dialogs   ShowMessageFmt   Display formatted data in a simple dialog with an OK button
 Dialogs   ShowMessagePos   Display a string in a simple dialog at a given screen position
 System   Str   Converts an integer or floating point number to a string
 System   Truncate   Truncates a file size - removes all data after the current position
 System   Val   Converts number strings to integer and floating point values
 System   Write   Write data to a binary or text file
 System   WriteLn   Write a complete line of data to a text file
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