Copy bytes of data from a source to a destination System unit
 procedure Move(const SourcePointer; var DestinationPointer; CopyCount Integer);
The Move procedure is a badly named method of copying a section of memory from one place to another.
CopyCount bytes are copied from storage referenced by SourcePointer and written to DestinationPointer
It can be used to take a copy of a substring from one string and overlay it on top of part of another string.
If copying from the current string to another part of the same string, then Copy works intelligently, preserving data where appropriate.
The original data is always preserved, unless moving fronm and to the current string - so Move is not very informative.

There is no checking on the referenced storage areas - be careful about all direct storage operations such as this.
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Example code : Copying a part of one string into the middle of another
  source, dest : string;
  // Set up our starting string
  source := '123456789';
  dest   := '---------';

  // Copy a substring from source into the middle of dest
  Move(source[5], dest[3], 4);

  // Show the source and destination strings
  ShowMessage('Source = '+source);
  ShowMessage('Dest   = '+dest);
Show full unit code
  Source = 123456789
  Dest = --5678---
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