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 Type   Name   Summary
 Procedure   Abort   Aborts the current processing with a silent exception
 Keyword   Begin   Keyword that starts a statement block
 Function   BeginThread   Begins a separate thread of code execution
 Procedure   Break   Forces a jump out of a single loop
 Keyword   Case   A mechanism for acting upon different values of an Ordinal
 Function   Chr   Convert an integer into a character
 Variable   CmdLine   Holds the execution text used to start the current program
 Keyword   Const   Starts the definition of fixed data values
 Procedure   Continue   Forces a jump to the next iteration of a loop
 Procedure   Dispose   Dispose of storage used by a pointer type variable
 Keyword   Do   Defines the start of some controlled action
 Keyword   DownTo   Prefixes an decremental for loop target value
 Keyword   Else   Starts false section of if, case and try statements
 Keyword   End   Keyword that terminates statement blocks
 Procedure   EndThread   Terminates a thread with an exit code
 Variable   ErrorAddr   Sets the error address when an application terminates
 Keyword   Except   Starts the error trapping clause of a Try statement
 Procedure   Exit   Exit abruptly from a function or procedure
 Variable   ExitCode   Sets the return code when an application terminates
 Procedure   FillChar   Fills out a section of storage with a fill character or byte value
 Keyword   Finally   Starts the unconditional code section of a Try statement
 Function   FindCmdLineSwitch   Determine whether a certain parameter switch was passed
 Keyword   For   Starts a loop that executes a finite number of times
 Procedure   FreeAndNil   Free memory for an object and set it to nil
 Procedure   FreeMem   Free memory storage used by a variable
 Keyword   Function   Defines a subroutine that returns a value
 Function   GetMem   Get a specified number of storage bytes
 Keyword   Goto   Forces a jump to a label, regardless of nesting
 Procedure   Halt   Terminates the program with an optional dialog
 Keyword   If   Starts a conditional expression to determine what to do next
 Keyword   Implementation   Starts the implementation (code) section of a Unit
 Keyword   Interface   Used for Unit external definitions, and as a Class skeleton
 Function   IsMultiThread   Returns true if the code is running multiple threads
 Function   Low   Returns the lowest value of a type or variable
 Procedure   New   Create a new pointer type variable
 Constant   Nil   A pointer value that is defined as undetermined
 Variable   Null   A variable that has no value
 Keyword   Of   Linking keyword used in many places
 Keyword   On   Defines exception handling in a Try Except clause
 Keyword   Packed   Compacts complex data types into minimal storage
 Function   ParamCount   Gives the number of parameters passed to the current program
 Function   ParamStr   Returns one of the parameters used to run the current program
 Directive   Private   Starts the section of private data and methods in a class
 Keyword   Procedure   Defines a subroutine that does not return a value
 Keyword   Program   Defines the start of an application
 Directive   Protected   Starts a section of class private data accesible to sub-classes
 Directive   Public   Starts an externally accessible section of a class
 Directive   Published   Starts a published externally accessible section of a class
 Keyword   Raise   Raise an exception
 Procedure   ReallocMem   Reallocate an existing block of storage
 Keyword   Repeat   Repeat statements until a ternmination condition is met
 Variable   Result   A variable used to hold the return value from a function
 Procedure   RunError   Terminates the program with an error dialog
 Keyword   Set   Defines a set of up to 255 distinct values
 Function   SizeOf   Gives the storage byte size of a type or variable
 Keyword   Then   Part of an if statement - starts the true clause
 Keyword   ThreadVar   Defines variables that are given separate instances per thread
 Keyword   To   Prefixes an incremental for loop target value
 Keyword   Try   Starts code that has error trapping
 Type   TThreadFunc   Defines the function to be called by BeginThread
 Keyword   Type   Defines a new category of variable or process
 Keyword   Unit   Defines the start of a unit file - a Delphi module
 Keyword   Until   Ends a Repeat control loop
 Keyword   Uses   Declares a list of Units to be imported
 Keyword   Var   Starts the definition of a section of data variables
 Function   VarType   Gives the current type of a Variant variable
 Constant   VarTypeMask   Mask for the meta-type part of a Variant variable
 Keyword   While   Repeat statements whilst a continuation condition is met
 Keyword   With   A means of simplifying references to structured variables
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