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 Type   Name   Summary
 Procedure   Append   Open a text file to allow appending of text to the end
 Procedure   Assign   Assigns a file handle to a binary or text file
 Procedure   AssignFile   Assigns a file handle to a binary or text file
 Procedure   AssignPrn   Treats the printer as a text file - an easy way of printing text
 Procedure   BlockRead   Reads a block of data records from an untyped binary file
 Procedure   BlockWrite   Writes a block of data records to an untyped binary file
 Procedure   ChDir   Change the working drive plus path for a specified drive
 Procedure   Close   Closes an open file
 Procedure   CloseFile   Closes an open file
 Function   CreateDir   Create a directory
 Function   DeleteFile   Delete a file specified by its file name
 Function   DirectoryExists   Returns true if the given directory exists
 Function   Eof   Returns true if a file opened with Reset is at the end
 Function   Eoln   Returns true if the current text file is pointing at a line end
 Procedure   Erase   Erase a file
 Function   FileExists   Returns true if the given file exists
 Variable   FileMode   Defines how Reset opens a binary file
 Function   FilePos   Gives the file position in a binary or text file
 Function   FileSearch   Search for a file in one or more directories
 Function   FileSetDate   Set the last modified date and time of a file
 Function   FindClose   Closes a successful FindFirst file search
 Function   FindFirst   Finds all files matching a file mask and attributes
 Function   FindNext   Find the next file after a successful FindFirst
 Procedure   Flush   Flushes buffered text file data to the file
 Function   ForceDirectories   Create a new path of directories
 Function   GetCurrentDir   Get the current directory (drive plus directory)
 Procedure   GetDir   Get the default directory (drive plus path) for a specified drive
 Variable   Input   Defines the standard input text file
 Procedure   MkDir   Make a directory
 Variable   Output   Defines the standard output text file
 Function   RemoveDir   Remove a directory
 Procedure   Rename   Rename a file
 Function   RenameFile   Rename a file or directory
 Procedure   Reset   Open a text file for reading, or binary file for read/write
 Procedure   ReWrite   Open a text or binary file for write access
 Procedure   RmDir   Remove a directory
 Procedure   Seek   Move the pointer in a binary file to a new record position
 Function   SeekEof   Skip to the end of the current line or file
 Function   SeekEoln   Skip to the end of the current line or file
 Function   SelectDirectory   Display a dialog to allow user selection of a directory
 Function   SetCurrentDir   Change the current directory
 Type   Text   Defines a file as a text file
 Type   TextFile   Declares a file type for storing lines of text
 Procedure   Truncate   Truncates a file size - removes all data after the current position
 Type   TSearchRec   Record used to hold data for FindFirst and FindNext
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