Returns true if a string exactly matches one of a list of strings StrUtils unit
 function AnsiMatchStr(const Source string; const StringList array of string):Boolean;
The AnsiMatchStr function checks to see if any of the strings in StringList exactly match the Source string.
If any match, true is found, otherwise false is returned.
The string list can be specified as a square bracket delimited list, as in the example, or as an array of strings.
It is a Case sensitive command.
Related commands
AnsiIndexStrCompares a string with a list of strings - returns match index
AnsiPosFind the position of one string in another
StrScanSearches for a specific character in a constant string
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Example code : A simple example
  source : AnsiString;
  source := 'Henry';  // The string to match

  // Note that AnsiMatchStr is case sensitive
  // We use a hard coded constant string array
  if AnsiMatchStr(source, ['BRIAN', 'JIM', 'HENRY'])
  then ShowMessage('First match was successful')
  else ShowMessage('First match was not successful');

  // Note that arrays start at 0
  if AnsiMatchStr(source, ['Brian', 'Jim', 'Henry'])
  then ShowMessage('Second match was successful')
  else ShowMessage('Second match was not successful');
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  First match was not successful
  Second match was successful
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