Download the web site as a Windows Program
The whole of the Delphi Basics web site plus more as a Windows standalone executable for just 5.

Terms and conditions.

About the program
This program has the following features :
  • Search facility for finding Run Time Library entries and .Net Methods.
  • Fast access to 1,000+ pages of tutorial/reference pages - the full site and more
  • System.Drawing.Graphics .Net class pages - 44 methods each with examples illustrated with graphical output
  • Fast access to these files on your PC rather than the Internet
  • The same user interface
  • Custom printing of pages - unlike the shortcomings of Internet Explorer
  • Printable complete alphabetical list of RTL commands
  • Code can easily be copied to the clipboard for pasting into your Delphi application
  • Database tutorials covering basics, connections, data aware controls, standard controls and SQL in-line and stored procedure queries. Includes 5 working applications with full pascal and form source code.
    Based on ADO and SQL Server.
  • No ads.
It is designed to run on a PC running Windows with Windows Explorer version 4 or later. It has been tested on Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10. It ideally needs at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution to avoid scrolling.

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