Rounds a floating point number to an integer System unit
 function Round(const Number Extended):Int64;
The Round function rounds a floating point Number to an Integer value.
The rounding uses Bankers rules, where an exact half value causes a rounding to an even number:
12.4 rounds to  12
12.5 rounds to  12 // Round down to even
12.6 rounds to  13
13.4 rounds to  13
13.5 rounds to  14 // Round up to even
13.6 rounds to  14
The Trunc function does the same, but returns the integer in an Integer value.
Related commands
FracThe fractional part of a floating point number
IntThe integer part of a floating point number as a float
TruncThe integer part of a floating point number
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Example code : A simple example
  ShowMessage('Round(12.75) = '+IntToStr(Round(12.75)));
  ShowMessage('Trunc(12.75) = '+IntToStr(Trunc(12.75)));
  ShowMessage('  Int(12.75) = '+FloatToStr(Int(12.75)));
  ShowMessage(' Frac(12.75) = '+FloatToStr(Frac(12.75)));
Show full unit code
  Round(12.75) = 13
  Trunc(12.75) = 12
   Int(12.75) = 12
   Frac(12.75) = 0.75
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