Insert a string into another string System unit
 procedure Insert(const InsertStr string; var TargetStr string; Position Integer);
The Insert procedure inserts one string, InsertStr into another string, TargetStr at the given Position.
The TargetStr string characters from the Position character are moved right to make way for the InsertStr string.
The length of TargetStr is now the sum of the length of the two strings.
To insert into the start of TargetStr, set Position to 1 or less.
To append to the end of TargetStr, set Position after the last character of TargetStr.
The first character of a string is at position 1

Arrays start at index 0.
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Example code : Inserting into the middle of a string
  Target : string;
  Target := '12345678';
  Insert('-+-', Target, 3);
  ShowMessage('Target : '+Target);
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  Target : 12-+-345678
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