Convert an integer into a string SysUtils unit
1  function IntToStr ( Number : Integer ) : string;
2  function IntToStr ( BigNumber : Int64 ) : string;
The IntToStr function converts an Integer Number or Int64 BigNumber into a string.
It has two forms : the latter supporting very large integers.
It is normally used for display purposes.
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FloatToStr Convert a floating point value to a string
Format Rich formatting of numbers and text into a string
StrToInt Convert an integer string into an Integer value
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Example code : Converting integers to strings
  NormalInteger : Integer;
  BigInteger    : Int64;

  NormalInteger := 2147483647;          // Largest possible Integer value
  BigInteger    := 9223372036854775807; // Largest possible Int64 value

  ShowMessage('NormalInteger :     '+IntToStr(NormalInteger));
  ShowMessage('BigInteger :        '+IntToStr(BigInteger));
  ShowMessage('Calculated number : '+IntToStr(27 * 4));
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   NormalInteger     : 2147483647
   BigInteger        : 9223372036854775807
   Calculated number : 108
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