Forces a jump to a label, regardless of nesting
  Goto label
The Goto keyword forces a jump to a given label.
It should Never be used in modern code since it makes code very difficult to maintain.
It is mostly used to force a termination of heavily nested code, where the logic to safely exit would be tortuous.
Never jump into or out of try statements, or into a loop or conditional block.
Be careful!
Use with extreme caution and when fully justified.
Related commands
Break Forces a jump out of a single loop
Continue Forces a jump to the next iteration of a loop
Exit Exit abruptly from a function or procedure
Halt Terminates the program with an optional dialog
RunError Terminates the program with an error dialog
Abort Aborts the current processing with a silent exception
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Example code :
  i : Integer;


  for i := 1 to 10 do
    ShowMessage('i = '+IntToStr(i));

    if i = 4 then Goto GotoLabel;   // Conditionally exit the loop

  ShowMessage('The loop finished OK');
  ShowMessage('Loop finished with i = '+IntToStr(i));
Show full unit code
   i = 1
   i = 2
   i = 3
   i = 4
   Loop finished with i = 4
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