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 Delphi for .Net
Delphi for .Net (Delphi 8) sees Borland as the first non-Microsoft company to provide a .Net compliant programming environment. It represents a big step forward for Delphi, submitting to the whims of Microsoft.

Whilst Delphi 7 was an alignment step towards .Net, Delphi 8 is fully compliant, but provides a migration path for existing pre.Net Delphi applications. But do not expect a migration to be easy.

This is because fully fledged .Net applications use a full set of classes for everything from string handling to graphics to comms. These classes reside in the .Net Framework, and are common to all .Net languages. This set of classes generally negates the need for the Delphi run time library units such as SysUtils and FileCtrl. The first benefit of this common framework is that Microsoft are heavily committed to it, with quality and reliability thereby likely to be high. Secondly, learning another .Net compliant language such as the very modern Microsoft C# (C Sharp) language becomes easier - only the syntax of the language has to be learnt.

The Framework NameSpace information provided with Delphi has no Delphi sample code. This is remedied here.

System.Drawing NameSpace class references have been developed, but are only available in the download program. Unlike MSDN, all class method example code has graphical display of the code execution output, amplified for clarity. Here are some previews :
Graphics.DrawBeziers method
Graphics.DrawIcon method
Graphics.FillPolygon method

 Delphi Basics as a downloadable Windows program
A complete version of the web site has been converted into a Windows executable.

It looks and behaves like the site, but with the added benefits of :

  • Fast access to 1,000+ pages of tutorial/reference pages - the full site and more
  • Printing of pages precisely to any paper size or format
  • RTL lists printable by letter, function, unit or category
  • History drop-down of recent and popular RTL pages
  • Database tutorials, not available on this web site
  • System.Drawing.Graphics .Net class pages - 44 methods each with examples illustrated with graphical output
Download the Windows program

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