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  System.Collections.BitArray Class
A BitArray efficiently holds a single dimension array of Bit (1 and 0) values.
Array elements may be freely added, updated or removed - unlike the less flexible native Array and .Net System.Array types.
A BitArray may be constructed in a number of ways, the simplest requiring a simple count of elements. The final constructor takes a set of 32 bit values from a single dimensional array of Int32 values. The bits are taken from right (least significant) to left (most significant) sequence from each Int32 value.
In BitArray, true equates with 1 and false equates with 0.
Constructor Create ( Count : Integer ; );
Constructor Create ( Count : Integer; Value : Boolean );
Constructor Create ( Values : BitArray ; );
Constructor Create ( Values : Array of Boolean ; );
Constructor Create ( Values : Array of Byte ; );
Constructor Create ( Values : Array of Int32; );
And  Perform a logical And of one BitArray against another
Clone  Make a new BitArray that is a clone of the current BitArray
CopyTo  Copies elements from the BitArray to a single dimension array
Get  Gets the BitArray element value at a specific index position
GetEnumerator  Gets an enumerator to allow reading the elements of the current BitArray
Not  Creates a copy of the current BitArray with all values inverted
Or  Perform a logical Or of one BitArray against another
Set  Sets a BitArray element value on (true) or off (false)
SetAll  Sets all BitArray element values either on (true) or off (false)
Xor  Perform a logical Exclusive Or of one BitArray against another

Count  Integer  Gets the number of elements contained in the BitArray.
IsReadOnly  Boolean  Gets a value indicating whether the BitArray is read-only. Always false!
IsSynchronized  Boolean  Gets a value indicating whether access to the BitArray is synchronized (thread-safe).
Item  Boolean  Gets or sets the value of the bit at a specific position in the BitArray. This is the default operator, so can be specified using [] brackets.
Length  Integer  Gets or sets the number of elements in the BitArray.

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