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  BinaryReader  Class 
  BinaryWriter  Class 
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  File  Class 
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  StringReader  Class 
  StringWriter  Class 

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  System.IO.StringWriter Class
Calling writeTextBlock The StringWriter class is descended from the abstract TextWriter class. It allows a string to be written to character by character, or line by line in much the same way as if the string were a text file. After writeTextBlock
Constructor Create ;
Constructor Create ( FormatProvider : IFormatProvider );
Constructor Create ( Builder : System.Text.StringBuilder );
Constructor Create ( Builder : StringBuilder; FormatProvider : IFormatProvider );
Close  Closes the StringWriter
ToString  Returns the current value of the StringWriter internal string
Write  Adds a character or characters to the current string without line termination
WriteLine  Adds a line of text with carriage return/line-feed to the current string

Encoding  System.Text.Encoding  The encoding in which the output is built

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