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  System.IO.Directory Class
Calling writeTextBlock Use this class for one-off operations on a Directory (folder). Use the DirectoryInfo class to encapsulate a directory on which you want to perform a number of operations (it is more efficient because security checks are only performed once).
All of the methods of this class are static - meaning that they are available by simply supplying the path of a folder that you want to create, modify or delete.
Modifications include setting Directory creation time, and last access and update times. After writeTextBlock
CreateDirectory  Creates a new Directory or nest of Directories for the specified Path
Delete  Delete a Directory (folder) or nest of Directories
Exists  Returns True if the specified path exists on the current machine
GetCreationTime  Gets the date and time that the specified Directory was created
GetCurrentDirectory  Get the Current Directory (folder)
GetDirectories  Gets the Directories (folders) in the specified Directory
GetDirectoryRoot  Gets the Root Device or Folder for the specified Path string
GetFiles  Gets the files in the specified Directory
GetFileSystemEntries  Gets the Files and Directories (folders) in the specified Directory
GetLastAccessTime  Gets the date and time that the specified Directory was last accessed
GetLastWriteTime  Gets the date and time that the specified Directory was last updated
GetLogicalDrives  Gets the names of the Logical Drives on the current machine
GetParent  Gets the parent Directory (folder) name of the specified Path
Move  Move a File or Directory to a new location
SetCreationTime  Sets the specified Directory (folder) Creation date and time
SetCurrentDirectory  Set the Current Directory (folder)
SetLastAccessTime  Sets the specified Directory (folder) Last Access date and time
SetLastWriteTime  Sets the specified Directory (folder) Last Write date and time

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