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  System.IO.BufferedStream Class
Calling writeTextBlock The BufferedStream class provides direct read and write access to a stream. This access is buffered to improve performance.
The buffer size is 4,096 bytes by default, but may be overriden.
BufferedStream can be used with BinaryReader and BinaryWriter for handling low level data, but you are restricted to read or write operations appropriately.
Some streams, support direct read and write access. You can use a buffered stream to access these - see the Seek mtheod example code. After writeTextBlock
Constructor Create ( DataStream : Stream );
Constructor Create ( DataStream : Stream; BufferSize : Integer );
Close  Closes the BufferedStream
Read  Reads the next block of characters from the current stream
ReadByte  Read the next Byte from the current stream
Seek  Moves the current position in the buffered stream to the specified value
SetLength  Sets the length of the stream (not the buffer it uses)
Write  Writes some or all bytes from a Byte Array into the current stream
WriteByte  Write a single Byte to the current stream position

CanRead  Boolean  Gets a value indicating whether the current stream supports reading.
CanSeek  Boolean  Gets a value indicating whether the current stream supports seeking.
CanWrite  Boolean  Gets a value indicating whether the current stream supports writing.
Length  Integer  Gets the stream length in bytes.
Position  Integer  Gets the position within the current stream.

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