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  System.IO.BinaryWriter Class
Calling writeTextBlock This class is used to write primitive data in binary (rather than character) format to a stream. This stream is often targetted at a file, as in the examples.
The Write method provides good flexibility, allowing a range of primitive types, including strings to be written to the stream, with conversion to byte format where appropriate. For example, a Boolean true value gets stored in a whole byte with value of 1.
When reading from a Binary file, it is crucial that the formatting of data used by BinaryWriter be accurately recognised. Being 1 byte out of sequence can completely destroy the sequencing of the remaining file contents. After writeTextBlock
Constructor Create ;
Constructor Create ( DataStream : Stream );
Constructor Create ( DataStream : Stream; TextEncoding : System.Text.Encoding );
Close  Closes the BinaryWriter
Seek  Seek to a specified offset from the start, current, or end stream position
Write  Write a primitive data element to the stream

Null  BinaryWriter  Specifies a BinaryWriter with no backing store.
BaseStream  BinaryWriter  Gets the underlying stream of the BinaryWriter.

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