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  System.Collections.IList Interface
Calling writeTextBlock Collections are classes that literally hold collections of data, such as lists, queues and stacks. The IList interface defines how such a collection should operate if it uses indexing for its elements.
The IList interface provides the following methods :
Add Add an item to the list
Clear Clears the list : removes all items
Contains Checks if the list contains a specific item
IndexOf Gets the index position of a specific item
Insert Inserts an item into a specific position in the list
Remove Removes an item from the list
RemoveAt Removes an item at a specific index position from the list
After writeTextBlock
IsFixedSize  Boolean  When implemented by a class, gets a value indicating whether the IList has a fixed size.
IsReadOnly  Boolean  When implemented by a class, gets a value indicating whether the IList is read-only.
Item  Object  When implemented by a class, gets or sets the element at the specified index. This is the default IList property and can be specified using [] brackets.

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