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  System.Collections.CaseInsensitiveComparer Class
Calling writeTextBlock the Comparer class provides a Case-Insensitive mechanism for comparing Objects. It is principally used in sort processes, where elements must be cmopared to determine their ordering.
It is the default class used by Sort and BinarySearch methods in the System.Array and System.Collections.ArrayList classes.
Because string comparisons are affected by different languages, the CaseInsensitiveComparer constructor requires a CultureInfo object that defines this cultural information.
Returns one of the following values :
ValueA < ValueB Gives <0
ValueA = ValueB Gives 0
ValueA > ValueB Gives >0

The exact value is not guaranteed. After writeTextBlock
Constructor Create ( Culture : CultureInfo );
Compare  Compares one Object value with another without case sensitivity

Default    Represents an instance of CaseInsensitiveComparer that is associated with the Thread.CurrentCulture of the current thread. This field is read-only.
DefaultInvariant    Represents an instance of CaseInsensitiveComparer that is associated with CultureInfo.InvariantCulture. This field is read-only.

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