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  System.Math Class
Calling writeTextBlock This is similar to the Math run time library unit, and should not be confused with it! To avoid confusion, you should qualify the members that you use.
It contains a couple of constants and static functions. After writeTextBlock
Abs  Gets the absolute value of a number
ACos  Gets the angle whose Cosine is the given number
ASin  Gets the angle whose Sine is the given number
ATan  Gets the angle whose Tangent is the given number
ATan2  Gets the angle whose Tangent is the quotient of the given numbers
Ceiling  Rounds the number up to the nearest integer
Cos  Gets the Cosine of an angle
Cosh  Gets the Hyperbolic Cosine of an angle
Exp  Returns E raised to the given power
Floor  Rounds the number down to the nearest integer
IEEERemainder  Remainder from the division of 2 floating point numbers to IEEE standards
Log  Gives the Logarithm of a number
Log10  Gives the Logarithm of a number in base 10
Max  Returns the largest of the two given numbers
Min  Returns the smallest of the two given numbers
Pow  Raises a number to a specified power
Round  Rounds a number to the nearest value using Bankers rules
Sign  Returns an indication of the sign (polarity) of a number
Sin  Gets the Sine of an angle
Sinh  Gets the Hyperbolic Sine of an angle
Sqrt  Gives the square root of a number
Tan  Gets the Tangent of an angle
Tanh  Gets the Hyperbolic Tangent of an angle

E  Double  2.7182818284590452354 : the natural logarithmic base, specified by the constant e
PI  Double  3.14159265358979323846 : the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (π)

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