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  System.Int16 Structure
Calling writeTextBlock The Int16 structure holds integer values from -32768 to 32767.
Note that when converting to hexadecimal, the values are always expressed as positive values - no sign is used. This shows as follows :
-2 = xFFFE
-1 = xFFFF
+0 = x0000
+1 = x0001
+2 = x0002
After writeTextBlock
CompareTo  Compares the current Int16 value to another
Equals  Determines if the current Int16 equals another
Parse  Converts a string representation of a Int16 into a Int16 value
ToString  Converts the current Int16 value to a string

MinValue  Integer  Smallest possible value : -32768 (0x8000 in hex)
MaxValue  Integer  Largest possible value : 32767 (0x7FFF in hex)

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