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  System.Exception Class
Calling writeTextBlock The System.Exception class is the .Net version of the original Delphi Exception class. The latter is now mapped to the .Net version.
Information about exceptions occuring in an application is stored in the Exception object, available for interrogation in an exception handling routine.
Exception handling uses either the Try..Except..End construct or the Try..Finally..End construct. You must nest the former in the latter to get a Try..Except..Finally..End construct.
Note that the actual object generated for your application exception will be an ApplicationException object, a class which inherits from Exception. After writeTextBlock
Constructor Create ;
Constructor Create ( ErrorMessage : String );
Constructor Create ( Info : SerializationInfo; Context : StreamingContext );
Constructor Create ( ErrorMessage : String; InnerException : Exception );
GetBaseException  Gets the lowest level base Exception that caused the current exception
ToString  Converts the Exception message and other information into a string

HelpLink  String  Get/set a link to the help file associated with this exception.
HResult  Integer  Hex value contains severity code, a facility code, and an error code
InnerException  Exception  The inner exception creating this exception, or null
Message  String  The exception error message
Source  String  The name of the application creating the error
StackTrace  String  A string representation of the stack call trace at the time of the exception
TargetSite  MethodBase  Get the name of the method that generates this exception

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