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  Array  Class 
  Boolean  Structure 
  Buffer  Class 
  Byte  Structure 
  Char  Structure 
  Console  Class 
  Convert  Class 
  DateTime  Structure 
  DayOfWeek  Enumeration 
  Decimal  Structure 
  Double  Structure 
  Enum  Class 
  Environment  Class 
  Exception  Class 
  ICloneable  Interface 
  Int16  Structure 
  Int32  Structure 
  Int64  Structure 
  Math  Class 
  Object  Class 
  OperatingSystem  Class 
  Random  Class 
  SByte  Structure 
  Single  Structure 
  String  Class 
  TimeSpan  Structure 
  UInt16  Structure 
  UInt32  Structure 
  UInt64  Structure 
  Version  Class 

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  System.Environment Class
Calling writeTextBlock Provides program call and other information, such as the Common Language Runtime version. Some information is updateable. After writeTextBlock
Exit  Terminates the current process, returning an code to the Operating System
ExpandEnvironmentVariables  Inserts environment variables into a string containing placeholders
GetCommandLineArgs  Gets the path and arguments that started the application
GetEnvironmentVariable  Gets a single environment variable, by name
GetEnvironmentVariables  Gets the environment variables for the current process
GetFolderPath  Gets the path to one of a number of operating system folders
GetLogicalDrives  Gets the names of the logical device drives on the current machine

CommandLine  String  Gets the command line string used to invoke the application.
CurrentDirectory  String  Get/set the fully qualified path of the application directory
ExitCode  Integer  Get/set the application exit code.
HasShutdownStarted  Boolean  True if the the common language runtime is shutting down or the application domain is unloading.
MachineName  String  Get the NetBIOS name of this local computer.
NewLine  String  Get the environment newline string characters.
OSVersion  OperatingSystem  Get an OperatingSystem object that contains the current platform identifier and version number.
StackTrace  String  Get current stack trace information.
SystemDirectory  String  Get the fully qualified path of the system directory.
TickCount  Integer  Gets the number of milliseconds elapsed since the system started.
UserDomainName  String  Get the network domain name associated with the current user.
UserInteractive  Boolean  True if whether the current process is running in user interactive mode.
UserName  String  Get the user name who started the application.
Version  Version  Get a Version object that describes the major, minor, build, and revision numbers of the common language runtime.
WorkingSet  Int64  Gets the amount of physical memory mapped to the process context.

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