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  System.Decimal Structure
Calling writeTextBlock The Decimal structure is explicitly designed to hold very large numbers with a large number of significant digits, as required by financial applications - no errors can be created by rounding.
Internally, the number is held in 3 parts :
Sign + or -
Mantissa A 96 bit number, holding the significant digits
Exponent 0 to 28 decimal places

The range of numbers supported is given in the MinValue and MaxValue fields below.
The Array of Int32 constructor provides the decimal value in 4 Int32 values :
Array[0] Low order 32 bits of the 96 bit mantissa
Array[1] Mid order 32 bits of the 96 bit mantissa
Array[2] High order 32 bits of the 96 bit mantissa
Array[3] Bits 16-23 contain the exponent, bit 31 the sign

Likewise, the final constructor allows a piecemeal build of the decimal value. After writeTextBlock
Constructor Create ( Value : Int16 );
Constructor Create ( Value : Int32 );
Constructor Create ( Value : UInt16 );
Constructor Create ( Value : UInt32 );
Constructor Create ( Value : Single );
Constructor Create ( Value : Double );
Constructor Create ( Values : Array of Int32 );
Constructor Create ( Low : Int32; Mid : Int32; High : Int32; IsNegative : Boolean; Exponent : Byte );
Add  Adds two Decimal values together
Compare  Compares one Decimal value with another
CompareTo  Compares the current Decimal value to another
Divide  Divides one Decimal value by another
Equals  Determines if the current Decimal equals another
Floor  Finds the lowest relative integer value nearest to the specified decimal
GetBits  Converts a Decimal number value into an array of Integers
Multiply  Multiplies one Decimal value by another
Negate  Returns the supplied decimal value negated
Parse  Converts a string representation of a Decimal into a Decimal value
Remainder  Divides one Decimal value by another and returns the remainder
Round  Rounds a Decimal number to the nearest value using Bankers rules
Subtract  Subtracts one Decimal value from another
Truncate  Drops the fractional part of a decimal number

MinValue  Decimal  -79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,335
MaxValue  Decimal  79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,335
Zero  Decimal  0
MinusOne  Decimal  -1
One  Decimal  1
+  Addition
-  Subtraction
*  Multiplication
/  Division
%  Modulus - the remainder from a divide
<  Less than
<=  Less than or equal
=  Equality
>=  Greater than or equal
>  Greater than

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