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  System.Console Class
Calling writeTextBlock The Console class provides basic support for applications that read characters from, and write characters to, the console. No error is thrown if the console does not exist (in a Windows application for example).
There are 3 streams associated with the Console :
1. Standard Input
The text that the user types in response to text read requests on the console are captured by this stream.
2. Standard Output
Normal text is written to this stream and normally displayed on the console.
3. Error stream
Error text is written to this stream and normally displayed on the console.
However, you can route the streams away from the console to files, for example. This is the normal practice for service applications written as console applications.
The Console class is not inheritable. After writeTextBlock
OpenStandardError  Gets the Error Output Stream writer
OpenStandardInput  Gets the Standard Input Stream writer
OpenStandardOutput  Gets the Standard Output Stream writer
Read  Read a character from the Standard Input Stream
ReadLine  Reads a line of characters from the Standard Input Stream
SetError  Assigns a new Error Output Stream writer
SetIn  Assigns a new Standard Input Stream reader
SetOut  Assigns a new Standard Output Stream writer
Write  Writes data to the Standard Output Stream
WriteLine  Writes line terminated data to the Standard Output Stream

In  TextReader  Standard input stream
Out  TextWriter  Standard output stream
Error  TextWriter  Standard output stream

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