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Subtract a DateTime or TimeSpan from the current DateTime value
DateTime Structure
System NameSpace
CF1.  Function Subtract ( Value : DateTime ) : TimeSpan;
CF2.  Function Subtract ( Value : TimeSpan ) : DateTime;
CF : Methods with this mark are Compact Framework Compatible
The Subtract method does two very different things :
1. Returns a TimeSpan value as the difference between the current DateTime value and the Value DateTime value. The TimeSpan value contains a day and time value - the value is a total elapsed time, not a point in time.
2. Returns a DateTime value. You provide a day/time span, which gets subtracted from the current DateTime value to give the return value.
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A simple example illustrating both methods
program Project1;

  dateTime1, dateTime2 : DateTime;
  timeSpan1            : TimeSpan;

  dateTime1 := DateTime.Create(2004, 6, 20);  // 00:00:00 on 20 June 2004
  dateTime2 := DateTime.Create(2004, 7, 11);  // 00:00:00 on 11 July 2004

  Console.WriteLine('dateTime1       = {0:F}', dateTime1);
  Console.WriteLine('dateTime2       = {0:F}', dateTime2);
  Console.WriteLine('Subtracting dateTime2 from dateTime1');

  timeSpan1 := dateTime2.Subtract(dateTime1);

  Console.WriteLine('Gives time span = {0:F}', timeSpan1);

  Console.WriteLine('Subtracting this time span from dateTime1');

  dateTime1 := dateTime1.Subtract(timeSpan1);

  Console.WriteLine('dateTime1 now   = {0:F}', dateTime1);

   dateTime1       = 20 June 2004 00:00:00
   dateTime2       = 11 July 2004 00:00:00
   Subtracting dateTime2 from dateTime1
   Gives time span = 21.00:00:00
   Subtracting this time span from dateTime1
   dateTime1 now   = 30 May 2004 00:00:00
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